Album // Beachcombers Windowsill by Stornoway

Unfortunately, Stornoway has recently decided to close down shop after almost a decade of making music together. A heartfelt letter on their website has revealed that the individual band members are still very good friends, but have decided to pursue their own respective interests. Although you cannot expect any new music from the four piece indie folk rock group, you can still bask in the glory that is their three studio records.

My introduction to Stornoway was unconventional. I was in a Target testing out speakers and their single from Beachcombers Windowsill, “Zorbing,” was one of the songs that played. I immediately wrote down the name of the song and it was not long before I downloaded and listened to the entire album. I personally really enjoy every song; from the banjo and stacked harmonies on “We Are the Battery Human,” to the monk-esque chanting on “Zorbing.”

I included a link to “We Are the Battery Human” as it is my favorite track on the album. The message is clear and simple; we are addicted to our battery fueled devices and need to experience the outdoors (which I will be doing right after publishing this post.)


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